Souvenir Shop

You can view the range of goods and order in our Instagram shop:

It is always so nice to bring a souvenir as a token of your trip!

Visit our Souvenir Shop and you definitely pick up a souvenir for yourself and purchase nice gifts for relatives and friends.

The products presented in our assortment are of high quality, have a good effect and functionality:

  • reflective bracelets
  • magnets
  • drink bottles
  • cups
  • T-shirts
  • snapback cups
  • eco bags
  • raincoats / umbrellas
  • toys
  • and much more

And of course, you shouldn’t forget: «A book is a gift you can open again and again». 

In our Souvenir Shop you will find themed special editions about the animals of the Nature Park! 

Find out more about books on the fascinating world of animals at the link: BBCO.COM.UA

Visit our Souvenir Shop at the Entrance Area of the Park!