Horse riding

Options of horse-riding

  • Paddock horse-riding;
  • Rides through the picturesque landscapes of Polissia;
  • Horse-riding lessons with instructor;
  • Carriage rides;
  • Horse grooming training.

Horse breeds

  • Noriker horse;
  • Hucul pony;
  • Dülmener horse.


  • All classes are held by a professional trainer;
  • Horses for classes undergo daily running-in and training;
  • Special riding equipment provided for every ride.

Benefits of horse riding

  • The horse is selected depending on the age, height, weight and skills of the rider;
  • Horse riding develops balance and coordination;
  • Involves the muscles, especially the of the back, abdominal and shoulders muscles.


  • Shower, change room and WC in the stable administration building.


Routs at a walk5 min30 UAH
20 min100 UAH
45 min200 UAH
60 min250 UAH
Routes for experienced horse riders45 min400 UAH
60 min450 UAH
120 min700 UAH
Horse ride class with the coach (one-time)45 min500 UAH
Permanent tickets for 5 training sessions225 min2000 UAH
Permanent ticket for 10 training sessions450 min3500 UAH
Horse care (masterclass)20 min/45 min 100 UAH/150 UAH
Medium Carriage rent (up to 6 passengers)20 min250 UAH
35 min450 UAH
45 min550 UAH
60 min700 UAH
120 min1250 UAH
Big Carriage rent (up to 10 passengers)20 min500 грн
45 min900 UAH