Package Tours

4 kilometers

Route difficulty


210 min

You will visit the stables, where you can not only ride the horse, but also learn the history of each breed, the special things about keeping and breeding horses.

At the Mini Animals Meadow you will meet the smallest animals from different parts of the world, learn about the conditions of their keeping, and even have the opportunity to buy some of them. In the Wild Cats Museum you will see representatives of the Felidae genus living in Ukraine.

In addition to visiting these attractions, you will get acquainted with the animals that live in the numerous enclosed pastures of the park. The ox of Ukrainian Gray breed, the history of their domestication and their unique features deserve your special attention.

The highlight of your tour will be the visit to the Moose Enclosure where the moose rescued by park workers live.

On the route you will get acquainted with the history of Beremytske Nature Park, ideas of revilding and the natural complex of Polissya. During the tour you will walk through the hanging bridges over the ravines which are typical for the Desna river left bank.

You will walk through zoogenic meadows, where naturally graze wild animals, among which herds of descendants of extinct tarpans – Koniks – deserve your special attention. You will get acquainted with the history of the disappearance and rebreeding of wild horses and their features. Learn about people who worked on getting the odd-toed ungulates back to Polissya hundreds of years after they disappeared.

Walking through the underwood of mixed forest you will find out more not only about the typical flora of this natural complex and stages of ecological succession but also about basic principles of orientation in the forest. Visiting the reproduction of the pagan temple, you will learn about the role of nature in the life of our forefathers and the sustainable use of nature, which has been formed over millennia.


ServiceDurationPrice Kids/Adults
Reservation part walking tourup to 2 hours– UAH
Reservation part walking tourup to 4 hours– UAH
Tourist part walking tourup to 1,5 hours– UAH
Complex walking tour (Reservation + Tourist Part of the Park)up to 3,5 hours– UAH
Group tours are available for groups of 10 to 30 people.