Services of a guide

By agreement

Route difficulty
By agreement


90-420 min.

An individual walking tour will allow you to enjoy the nature without the hustle and bustle, to became one, see more animals, hear more birds and get answers to questions that interest you.

In Beremytske Nature Park you can order an individual tour for you or your small group, taking into account taking the wishes on the complexity, duration and subject of the route. Walking through protected areas accompanied by a guide, a small group is much more likely to meet and not scare wild animals and birds than when you walk in a large group.

In addition, being on the route for a longer time than during the standard excursions, you have new opportunities, both for studying nature and for photographing flora and fauna.

The offer will be interesting to those who plan a visit to the park individually and have the time and inspiration to experience the nature.

Price for the guide services

up to 4 hours1 000 UAH *
up to 7 hours1 500 UAH *
* Entrance tickets the Park locations are not included